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Sending MTS Requests

This page orders the steps involved in routing a request from the listener to MTS.
Following is the correct order:
  1. The client calls the address of the listener for the desired database. If there is more than one listener, the client randomizes its calls among those that are available.
  2. The listener receives the connection request.
  3. The listener performs the connection handshake and determines if the client is allowed to connect (by checking the list of SIDs it listens for).
  4. The listener issues a redirect message back to the client containing the address of the least-called dispatcher that is listening on the protocol used by the client.
  5. The client closes the connection to the listener.
  6. The client establishes a new connection to the dispatcher, using the address provided by the listener in the redirect message.
  7. The listener and dispatcher perform a short handshake to update each other regarding the presence of the new connection. This enables the listener to load-balance connections between dispatchers running on the same protocol.
  8. The listener resumes listening for incoming connections.