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Routing Client Connection Requests

Note: Net8 Assistant has been replaced with Oracle Net Manager.

Legacy Documentation for Net8 Assistant to route client connection requests

Following are the steps involved in using Net8 Assistant to route client connection requests.
  1. From the Oracle Net8 Assistant, click the Profile icon in the tree directory
  2. Select General from the pull-down menu.
  3. Click the Routing tab.
  4. Click the Use Dedicated Server checkbox to cause all connection requests for this client to be made using a dedicated server.
  5. Click the Use IPC Addresses for Client checkbox to force the client always to attempt a local connection first using interprocess communication (IPC) addresses.
  6. Click the Use Source Route Addresses checkbox to route connections through Oracle Connection Manager first.

Routing Client Connection Requests to the Connection Pool

In the client application, the connect string must specify the connect type as POOLED.
The following example shows an easy connect string that enables clients to connect to a database resident connection pool:

The following example shows a TNS connect descriptor that enables clients to connect to a database resident connection pool:

listener: A process that resides on the server whose responsibility is to listen for incoming client connection requests and manage the traffic to the server. Every time a client requests a network session with a server, a listener receives the actual request. If the client information matches the listener information, then the listener grants a connection to the server.