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Log Location Trace Files - Exercise

Log and trace parameters

Objective: Describe the use of log and trace parameters. Identify the location of log and trace files on any Oracle server results.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points. To receive full credit, you must identify each of the steps required to diagnose this problem outlined below, and describe what you are looking for in each step.


You have received a call from a disgruntled user who claims he cannot connect to his Oracle database. As the DBA, you know that you have enabled logging on both the client and the server, but you have forgotten the files names and locations. You check the server log file and discover that there is no evidence that the client ever established a connection to the Oracle listener on the server. There are no other complaints about connections, and there are new connections being established each minute. After visiting the Oracle client PC, you see only a generic failure to connect message.


In the text box below, describe the actions that you would take to obtain the information you need to fix this problem. Then click the Submit button to submit your response and view a results page.