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Course Download - Exercise

Download files

Objective:Download the course project files and the SQL script that will be used for the optional On Your Own exercises.
This exercise is not scored. When havef completed the exercise, click the Submit button.


Follow these steps to complete the exercise:
  1. Your browser will ask you what you want to do with the file. Choose to save it to disk.
  2. Specify that the file be saved in the C:\My Documents folder or which folder is convenient for your operating system. If you are using Windows, you should save it to your Downloads folder.
  3. Unzip the file by double-clicking it. Extract all the files into the current directory.
  4. If you do not have an Oracle database to use during the course, skip the rest of these steps. Otherwise, continue with these steps to install the course project on your database.
  5. Open the houeseopets.sql file that comes in the resources download in a text editor. A few lines into the script is the following line:


This line works only if you run Oracle on your own computer. If you are running on a networked database, modify the line to include your database server name. For example, if your database server were named FRANCE, you would modify the line to say:

  1. Save the file with the change, keeping the same name for the file.
  2. Get to a command prompt and change directories to the directory where you stored your file.
If you are running on Windows, select Start>>Programs>>MS DOS Prompt. On UNIX, start a terminal window if needed. The command for changing to a directory in Windows and UNIX is:
Cd directoryname 

Be sure to type the full path of the directory where you stored your file.
  1. You must log in as a valid Oracle Database Administrator (DBA). The default username and password of the Oracle DBA are SYSTEM and MANAGER, respectively. If you are using a database on your local computer, you can leave out the @server portion. Type this command at the operating system prompt:

Sqlplus username/password@server

This starts SQL*Plus. You will see a prompt that looks like this:


  1. Execute the complete script by typing the following line and then pressing Enter:

start houseopets.sql
  1. When the script is done, you will automatically return to your operating system prompt. Exit the operating system window (not always needed in UNIX) by typing EXIT and pressing Enter. You now have installed the PETSTORE user in your Oracle database along with the user's data.