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Lesson 3The course project
Objective Explore solving its database problem.

Oracle Course Project

Explore to begin solving its Oracle database problem.
Today you received an email from the operations manager at House-O-Pets, a Web-based vendor of pet products in San Francisco. House-O-Pets uses Oracle as a back-end database to manage its e-commerce site and keep track of inventory, customers, and customer purchases. The company is looking for some ways to get better performance from its application systems.

House-O-Pets email
House-O-Pets email

House-O-Pets website is a fictitious website Click the Fact File Tables link to see the contents of the tables in the House-O-Pets database.
Fact File Tables

The course project will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of how to repair or improve the database through a variety of exercises. You may be asked to analyze and report on existing code, submit pieces of code, or transfer what you have learned to a new situation.
Some of the exercises will consist of evaluative Simulations where you will be asked to problem solve within a simulated Oracle environment. Other exercises require an analysis of the information in the Fact File to solve the problem.

In the exercises, you will:
  1. Create an index-organized table to improve performance
  2. Create a materialized view to speed the performance of analysis queries without having to redesign any of the SQL for the queries
  3. Create a descending index and a function-based index to improve the performance of some queries
  4. Learn about Advanced Queueing, which you could use to offload blocking processes like the credit check.

Prompts for you will provided to try exercises on your own if you do have access to Oracle 11g. In the next module, we will be discussing elements or Oracle Network Services.