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Lesson 9

Oracle Parallel Server Conclusion

This module covered how the features that Oracle8i provides to simplify and optimize the Oracle Parallel Server. In this module, you learned how to:
  1. Identify Oracle8i enhancements and Oracle8i new features for Parallel Server
  2. Use the OPS Assistant to define Parallel Server instance
  3. Recognize correct syntax for parallel DML
  4. Create a parallel query for an object table
  5. Describe the background processes in an Oracle8i Parallel Server system
  6. Use the DBMS_JOB package to control job execution
  7. Define disk affinity
  8. Describe how to set up TAF

Is Oracle Parallel Server still being used today?

Oracle Parallel Server (OPS) is a legacy product that is no longer being developed or supported by Oracle. It was a cluster-based version of the Oracle Database that allowed multiple nodes to access a single database concurrently. It was replaced by Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) which is a more advanced and widely used option for achieving high availability and scalability in Oracle Database environments.


The following terms were defined in this module:
  1. Instance affinity: A feature of DBMS_JOB package that limits a job in OPS to one database instance.
  2. MAP MEMBER function: A function defined as part of an object type to sort or compare object rows with one another.
  3. Oracle Parallel Server: A database server consisting of multiple database instances that act as a single database. The OPS distributes activity by concurrently executing transactions on multiple database instances. Each database instance can be located on a different machine to maximize use of resources.
  4. Transparent application failover (TAF): A feature in Net8 to seamlessly move a user’s session from one instance to another when the original instance fails.

In the next module, you will learn about using Oracle Enterprise Manager with multiple databases.

Oracle Parallel Server - Quiz

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Oracle Parallel Server - Quiz