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Oracle Partitioning Concepts - Quiz

Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer or answers for each question.

1. Which lines in the following SQL command has a syntax error?
Please select all the correct answers.
  A. 10
  B. 11
  C. 7
  D. 8

2. Which of the following answers describes why you might want to allow row movement in a partitioned table?
Please select all the correct answers.
  A. Your partition key is an updateable field and you wish to avoid errors when updating the value.
  B. Two of your partitions contain few rows, so you wish to combine all the rows in the two partitions.
  C. You have run out of space in the one of your partitions and wish to move some of the rows to a different partition.
  D. You wish to move rows that contain data in their LOB column to a different partition.

3. Which answer explains what the following SQL command is doing?
Please select all the correct answers.
  A. Data in a partition of the WAREHOUSE_TRANSACTION table is replaced.
  B. A new table is created called RECENT_TRANSACTIONS.
  C. A new partition is created called PART_A.
  D. No validation is done on the PART_A partition.