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Using Parallel Queries on Object Tables - Exercise

Course Project: Create Parallel DML and Query

Objective: Create a query and create DML commands for a table.

Exercise Scoring

This scored exercise is worth 10 points.

Background | Overview

In this exercise, you will create a parallel DML command for a table and create a parallel query for an object table.

House-O-Pets Data Warehouse

Review the schema diagram below to find out more information about the House-O-Pets data warehouse.

View the diagram below.
Warehouse Diagram
Warehouse Diagram

Download files

You can download a beginning version of the script for this exercise, parallel.sql, from the Resources page.


Here is what is going on at House-O-Pets: you have just set up a data warehouse system that contains copies of all your customer transactions in several new partitioned tables. You want to update all the warehouse customer records with a timestamp to record when you added the records into the data warehouse. You also want to run a parallel query on the customer object table that sorts customers by their purchase amounts.


Starting with the code in your downloaded file, modify the file to complete these tasks:
  1. Add a parallel update of the CUSTOMER table. Update the WAREHOUSE_DATE column with the current date and time.
  2. Add a MAP METHOD function called HIBUY to the CUSTOMER_SALES that returns the TOTAL_SALE_AMOUNT column.
  3. Add a parallel query on the CUSTOMER_SALES object table that lists the customer’s name and purchase amount, sorted by the MAP METHOD you created.

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