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Application Development Tools

The user-interface available within application development and other administration tools have improved within the past few years. Application tools have not only added better interfaces, but they have become more intuitive.
With the accelerated release of newer versions of software, it becomes difficult for users, who have worked with older versions, to remain current. What is more, as the application becomes more popular, the demand for training support also increases, and new users find it even more difficult to learn the new tools.
Tools offering a better user-interface make it easier to learn, and easier to train new users. As users become familiar with a particular interface, it becomes easier for developers to release newer versions of the tools.

Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Oracle Recovery Manager satisfies the most pressing demands of performant, manageable backup and recovery, for all Oracle data formats.
A complete high availability and disaster recovery strategy requires dependable data backup, restore, and recovery procedures. Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) provides a comprehensive foundation for efficiently backing up and recovering the Oracle database. It is designed to work intimately with the server, providing block-level corruption detection during backup and restore. RMAN optimizes performance and space consumption during backup with file multiplexing and backup set compression, and integrates with Oracle Secure Backup, as well as third party media management products, for tape backup.
RMAN takes care of all underlying database procedures before and after backup or restore, freeing dependency on OS and SQL*Plus scripts. It provides a common interface, via command line and Enterprise Manager, for backup tasks across different host operating systems and offers features not available through user-managed methods, such as parallelization of backup/restore data streams, backup files retention policy, and detailed history of all backups.