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Lesson 4Schedule a backup in Enterprise Manager
ObjectiveDescribe the requirements to schedule a backup with an Enterprise Manager job.

Schedule a Backup in Enterprise Manager

For conducting database administration tasks such as importing, exporting, loading, backing up, and recovering data, the DBA Management Pack offers Backup Management tools and Data Management tools. These Wizards make the DBA Management Pack applications easy to use. The wizards can be launched from the OEM console as well as from Schema Manager or Storage Manager, as long as these applications are connected to the Oracle Management Server. The Backup Wizard is used for backing up one or more databases, tablespaces, datafiles, or archive log files. The Wizard prompts you to specify the time and frequency to run the backup, as well as the backup configuration and target database(s), then sends your specifications to the job scheduling system for execution.
The Backup Wizard provides an intuitive GUI for the backup facility of Recovery Manager, an extremely powerful and flexible command line backup, and a recovery utility designed for the Oracle8 database. This Wizard guides you through the entire backup process. Before attempting to use the Backup Wizard, however, make sure the following requirements are met:
  1. The Oracle target database you want to backup is version 8 or later.
  2. The application is connected to a Management Server.
  3. The preferred credentials are either SYSDBA or that you have created a backup.
  4. The job and event systems are fully functional.

Backup Wizard

The Strategy Choice page allows you to specify whether you want to use a predefined backup strategy or customize your own.
There are two options to choose from:
  1. Predefined backup strategy: Select the appropriate backup strategy.
  2. Customize backup strategy: Select the information you want to backup and the schedule for the execution of the backup.

We will examine both of these strategies in detail as we proceed through this module.
Oracle Backup and Recovery Solutions

The next lesson describes backup strategies and options.