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Lesson 1

Using Enterprise Manager for Backup and Recovery

By now, you have learned about the new features within Oracle8i with respect to backup and recovery of databases. In addition, you have learned some of the enhancements with Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM). In this module, we will look at the changes and enhancements Oracle brings to OEM.
OEM is a Java-based system management tool that provides an integrated solution for centrally managing a heterogeneous environment. Using OEM, you can perform the following tasks:
  1. Centrally administer, diagnose, and tune multiple databases
  2. Manage other Oracle products and services
  3. Effectively monitor and respond to the health of Oracle's family of products and third-party services 24 hours a day
  4. Schedule jobs on multiple nodes at varying time intervals
  5. Monitor networked services for events
  6. Customize the display by organizing databases and other services into logical administrative groups

With version 2 of OEM, Oracle introduces Internet computing architecture for the database administrator.
This architecture has a three-tier structure, which enables authorized administrators to globally manage complex, interconnected databases and services using an industry-standard browser from most machines anywhere in the world. The three tiers of OEM include:
  1. First tier: Java-based console and management applications
  2. Second tier: Oracle Management Server(s)
  3. Third tier: Managed nodes containing databases and other services

The three-tier model of OEM moves data-intensive business logic off the client and recasts it as shared services on the second tier. Its lightweight, scalable three-tiered architecture offers flexible deployment options and round-the-clock reliability.

Module objectives

When you have completed this module, you will be able to:
  1. Configure OEM to run RMAN
  2. Run RMAN using OEM
  3. Explain backup strategies
  4. Schedule batch jobs using OEM
The next lesson explains the necessary steps for configuring OEM to run RMAN.