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Configuring the OEM

What is an Oracle Management Server?

The Management Server is the core of the Enterprise Manager framework and provides
  1. administrative user accounts,
  2. processes management functions such as jobs and events, and
  3. manages the flow of information between the tiers.

As the number of nodes and managed services in your network increases or if the current Management Server is overloaded, you can add more Oracle Management Servers to the middle tier to share and balance the workload. These additional Management Servers provide fault-tolerance in the case where one Management Server becomes unavailable. All Management Servers administering the same set of managed nodes share a single Repository, which stores all system data, application data, and the state of managed nodes throughout the environment.

Three Tiers consisting of 1) Nodes, 2) Oracle Management Server, and 3) Console
Three Tiers consisting of 1) Nodes, 2) Oracle Management Server, and 3) Console

Oracle Management Server

In relational database management systems and in the particular context of an Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) environment, an (OMS) Oracle Management Server is a software system that functions as a middle tier between Oracle intelligent agents and Oracle management consoles. The system may operate on multiple nodes and by default uses a schema named DBSNMP. Through this system, database administrators may view and control their OEM domain or domains. An OMS has special links with a repository database, used for storing OEM details.

Oracle RMAN Backup and Recovery