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Lesson 6 Scheduling backups using Backup Wizard
ObjectiveConfigure and schedule a backup using the Backup Wizard.

Scheduling Backups using Backup Wizard

The final steps for implementing your database backup, configuration, and scheduling are as simple as following the instructions of the GUI provided by the Backup Wizard.

Backup Wizard: Configuration

The Configuration page allows you to choose the configuration for backup and to view the details that you have set up previously using the Create Backup Configuration option. A summary of the configuration includes the following elements:
  1. Name of the configuration
  2. Type of destination (disk or tape)
  3. Channel name (User-specified name of the channel)
  4. File name (Unique backup set name)
  5. Drive and path where backup sets are stored
  6. Recovery Catalog credentials if you are using a recovery catalog

Backup Wizard: Schedule

The Schedule page enables you to schedule the execution of a backup. The choices include:
  1. Immediately submits the task as soon as you finish the Wizard. The task executes only one time.
  2. Once schedules the task only one time at the date and time you choose.
  3. On Interval enables you to schedule a specific time interval between task executions. The interval can be a combination of hours and minutes, or number of days. Select the value you want to change and click the scroll buttons. You can also type in a new value.
  4. On Day of Week enables you to schedule the task on one or multiple days (Sunday, Monday, and so on) of the week. Click the days of the week to select the days you want the task scheduled.
  5. On Date of Month enables you to schedule the task on one or multiple days (1 - 31) of the month. Click the dates of the month to select the dates you want the task scheduled.
If you choose a day, such as 31, that is not within a particular month, the job will not be run within that month. To avoid this possible error, choose the first day of the month.

Wizard radio buttons

As indicated by the selections that follow, the Wizard makes the scheduling process simple and efficient.
  1. Start Execution: Choose the first date and time that you want the task executed. This is the starting time for any task scheduled on an interval.
  2. End Execution: Choose the last date and time that you want the task executed. This option does not apply if you chose the Immediately or Once execution options.
  3. Time Zone: Shows the time zone. The agent schedules the task execution at each destination based on the actual system time of each agent. Tasks are not necessarily run simultaneously.
  4. Run on Multiple Databases: The Run on Multiple Databases option allows you to access the Multiple Destination page so that you can specify the destination database(s) to submit the job.

Backup Wizard: Job Information

The Job Information page allows you to specify the name and description for the backup job and what you would like to do with the job as it will appear within the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console Job System. The choices for what to do with the job are listed below:
  1. Submit the job now. The job is submitted to the Management Server.
  2. Do not submit the job now, but add it to the Job Library for later use. The Enterprise Manager job is added to the Job Library. From the Console, you can edit or submit the job at a later date.
  3. Submit the job now and add it to the Job Library.

You can view the status of the job by selecting the Active and History page tabs within the job window of the console.
The Summary page appears when you click the Finish button. Information about the backup management job you just created using the Wizard is summarized before submission to the Oracle Enterprise Manager job system. In the following simulation, we will backup the PETS database.

Backing up with Backup Wizard

  1. Connect to the Oracle Enterprise Manager console by using sysman as the Administrator, oem_temp as the Password, and localhost as the Management Server. Approve the entries by clicking OK.
  2. Next, you would double-click Databases, and right-click the pets database. We have done that for you here. This displays the option for Backup Management. Click Backup to engage the Backup wizard.
  3. The Introduction panel is displayed. To define a backup strategy, click Next.
  4. Change the strategy selection from Predefined to Customize backup strategy.
  5. Because we want to back up the entire database, we do not need to change our selection. Click Next.
  6. Once again, because we want to include all archived logs, the choice selected only needs to be approved. Click Next to select the backup options.
  7. Full Backup is selected, which is the selection we want. Click the Next button to select the backup configuration.
  8. Confirm that daily_backup is the selected configuration, and click Next to select the backup schedule.
  9. The Schedule allows you to choose when to run the job. Immediately is selected here, which is how we want it set. Click Next.
  10. This panel allows you specify when you want to submit the job. Our choice is to submit the job now and add it to the job library. Now click the Finish button to view a summary of the job.
  11. The Wizard has returned a summary of the backup. To issue a backup job to OEM, click the OK button.
  12. This displays the backup job that is now being issued to OEM. This is the end of the simulation. Click Exit.

The next lesson is the module wrap-up.