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Lesson 1

Recovery Manager Features

Features and enhancements of Recovery Manager

So far, this course has introduced you to several new features of Recovery Manager (RMAN), the replacement of Enterprise Backup Manager that was used within Oracle7. To clarify, the actual backup and recovery of the Oracle database is done by the Oracle database server, and not done by RMAN. RMAN is simply an interface to get the various aspects of backup and recovery done.
This module discusses some of the new features of RMAN, using Oracle Enterprise Manager and Recovery Manager since they are tightly integrated.

RMAN New Features for Oracle Database 11g Release 2

Automatic Block Repair

  1. Allows corrupt blocks on the primary database to be automatically repaired from physical standby database, as they are detected.
  2. In-line and transparent. User sees brief wait from query on corrupt block while it is being repaired.
  3. Can also be performed on-demand via RECOVER command
    Requires Active Data Guard (real-time query on physical standby database).

Oracle RMAN Backup and Recovery
Automatic Block Repair consisting of 1) Primary Database and 2) Active Data Guard Standby

Module objectives

When you complete this module, you will be able to:
  1. Explain the new features of RMAN
  2. Create a recovery catalog
  3. Create and run a backup script in RMAN
  4. Describe the new feature of specifying a character setfor a control file[1].
  5. Recover a failed database by using the line mode of RMAN
  6. Recover a failed database by using the RMAN GUI
Character set: A character set defines the language character set in which the data within a database is stored.
The next lesson starts up Recovery Manager and explores its features.
[1] Control file: The control file is created and maintained by Oracle. It contains information about the physical locations of all files associated with the database as well as its logical information such as, the different tablespaces within a database as well as the character set information.