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Starting a Database Managed by Oracle Restart with Oracle Enterprise Manager

With Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control (Database Control), you can use Oracle Restart to start a database. To start a database managed by Oracle Restart with Oracle Enterprise Manager:
  1. Access the Database Home page for the desired database instance. See "Accessing the Database Home Page" in Oracle Database 2 Day DBA for instructions.
  2. Click Startup. The Startup/Shutdown Credentials page appears.
  3. Enter credentials as follows: a. Enter the host computer credentials for the user who installed the database Oracle home. b. Enter the database credentials consisting of the user name SYS and the password that you assigned to SYS during the installation. c. In the Connect As list, choose the value SYSOPER.
  4. (Optional) Select the Save as Preferred Credential option if you want these credentials to be automatically filled in for you the next time that this page appears.
  5. Click OK. The Select Startup Type page appears.
  6. To start the database with Oracle Restart, select Start database along with dependent resources. This ensures that resources on which the database depends, such as the Oracle Automatic Storage Management instance, are successfully started before the database is started.
  7. Click OK. A confirmation page appears.
  8. Click Yes. The Startup/Shutdown: Activity Information page appears, indicating that the database is being started up. When startup is complete, the Login page appears.
  9. Log in to the database (and to Database Control). The Database Home page appears indicating that the database instance status is Up.

Oracle RMAN Backup and Recovery
Note: The following set of graphical descriptions apply to the legacy Oracle database Oracle 8i.

Oracle Enterprise Manager Interface

To start the Recovery Manager, right click on the database within the Oracle Enterprise manager Console and select Backup Management

The recovery wizard introduction screen is displayed.

The Recovery Selection screen is displayed. If the database is in the OPEN state, you can recover either of the tablespaces or datafiles only.