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Lesson 11

Backup Recovery Processes Conclusion

This module discussed the backup and recovery processes within Oracle.
Learning about the backup and recovery scripts is certain to help you better manage your database.
Now that you have completed this module, you should be able to:
  1. Explain the new features of RMAN
  2. Create a recovery catalog
  3. Create and run a backup script in RMAN
  4. Describe the new feature of specifying a character set for a control file
  5. Recover a failed database by using the line mode of RMAN
  6. Recover a failed database by using the RMAN GUI


  1. Character set: A character set defines the language character set in which the data within a database is stored.
  2. Control file: The control file is created and maintained by Oracle. It contains information about the physical locations of all files associated with the database as well as its logical information such as, the different tablespaces within a database as well as the character set information.
In the next module, we will learn about Oracle8i's new backup strategies.

Backup and Recovery Concepts for Protected Databases

Each protected database that stores backups to a Recovery Appliance must have a globally unique database name (DB_UNIQUE_NAME). This global database name is used to identify the protected database to which a backup belongs. Backups for a protected database are written to the storage location that is specified in the protection policy associated with the protected database.

Recovery Manager Enhancements - Quiz

Click the Quiz link below to review your understanding of the material covered in this module.
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