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Perform Tablespace Restore - Exercise

Perform tablespace recovery with line command RMAN

Course Project: Restoring a Tablespace

Objective: Restore a tablespace by using RMAN.

Exercise Scoring

This exercise is worth a maximum of 10 points.

Background Overview

In this exercise, you will use RMAN to restore tablespace CUSTOMER to the disk.

Fact File

Review the fact file to find out more information about the House-O-Pets and its Oracle 8i database.
Click the View Table link below to see the contents of the tables in the House-O-Pets database.
Data Tables


When performing routine maintenance of the House-O-Pets database, the DBA accidentally drops a table from the CUSTOMER tablespace. The only way to restore a table inside the Oracle Database is by using a tablespace recovery.In this exercise, you are required write the code string to restore tablespace CUSTOMER to the disk.


Write script that restores tablespace CUSTOMER to the disk.

Additional questions to consider:

When you have submitted your code, answer the following question: How does a recovery catalog affect the recovery process?

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