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Lesson 2Course project
ObjectiveDescribe the guidelines for the course project.

Access Database Course Project

Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to work on a course project. The course project is a database that takes off where the DistributedNetworks course Microsoft Access 2016 II: Working with Data
leaves off, more or less. I have changed some of the names of the objects to be more in line with the way I do things, and added some things that you will need to work with this course. The course project is based on this scenario:
You are a freelance Access database administrator for the marketing and documentation departments of companies in the software and networking business. You have two large clients: Network Consultants, Inc., a network consulting company, and Dynamic Solutions, a start-up software development company currently building a word-processing application. In addition, you have several smaller clients.
You are going to take some objects already created in the databases, for example, forms, tables, and queries, and modify them as needed in this course.

If you have not completed the course download exercise from the What you need lesson, you should download a copy of the compressed "Advanced Tables Queries" project, which contains the database course project, database_course_project.mdb, so that you can work on it throughout the course. You will also find two graphics files that you will need to complete the exercises later in this course.