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Lesson 7 Modifying control properties
Objective View some of the ways to change control properties.

Custom Form Properties

As with forms, individual controls have properties that can be modified to customize forms for users’ convenience.

Changing Individual Control’s properties

To change an individual control’s properties, first open the property sheet for the control. To accomplish this, click the control, then click the Properties toolbar button

Properties toolbar button

You will then see the properties for that control. Note that the properties displayed will depend on the type of control you are working with.
For example, a Label Type control will have different properties than a Combo Box control. You can see the Format tab of the property sheet for a label displayed here:

Format tab of the property sheet

As with form properties, the changes made to properties of controls take effect the next time the form is displayed in Form view. Although you can change the caption of a Label control by using the property sheet, there is an alternative way.

Changing properties for more than one control

When working with one control, you can easily change the properties. For multiple controls, the process gets a bit more complicated. To change multiple controls, hold down the Shift key and click on the additional controls you want to change. Once you have highlighted the controls you want, the property sheet displays Multiple selection at the top instead of a control name.

Property sheet displaying Multiple selection at the top

The property sheet reflects only properties that are common to all the controls highlighted.
Now, stay tuned for the next lesson to continue to manipulate multiple controls. In the next lesson, you will learn how to work with multiple controls and how to align and size them all at once.