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Lesson 4 Using graphics on your form
Objective Insert a graphic onto a form.

Using Graphics on your Access Form

One action that you cannot do through the wizard is to put graphics (except for the background) on your form, such as a company logo. Although caution should be used to not hinder performance, adding the company logo on your forms goes a long way toward making your database look professional and attractive.
You can add any supported Windows graphic image, although the most common are bitmaps (.bmp files). The control to use for the graphic is called the Image control. The Image control is located in the form design toolbox

Image control
Image control

Here are the steps you use to add an image to your form. With the form open in Design view:
  1. Click the Image control in the toolbox.
  2. Drag and drop the image to the point on the form where you want it placed. The Insert Picture dialog then appears. (This is a standard Windows Open File dialog.)
  3. Locate the image on your system that you want to use, then click OK. Your image will now appear on the form.

Using the sizing handles on the control, you can resize the Image control to match the image. If you need an image with which to practice, download the dynform.gif image below and save it to disk. You can see what the form would look like when you download the image.

dynform.gif image
dynform.gif image

You will normally want to place a logo or other graphic that will not be changing in the Form Header section of a form. We will address how to do this later in the module.

Graphics System Performance
In the next lesson, you will learn different ways to view a form’s properties.