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Lesson 7

MS Access Referential Integrity Conclusion

This module discussed working with relationships within Access and using referential integrity. In this module, you learned how to:
  1. Identify different types of relationships used in Access
  2. Create one-to-one and one-to-many relationships
  3. Create a many-to-many relationship
  4. Use relationships to manage referential integrity
  5. Set the Cascade Update and Cascade Delete options for relationships

Creating relationships and enforcing Referential Integrity

The Relationships window lets you establish the relationships and referential integrity rules that you want to apply to the tables involved in a relationship. Creating a permanent, managed relationship that ensures referential integrity between Access tables is easy:
  1. Select Database Tools . Relationships. The Relationships window appears.
  2. Click the Show Table button on the Ribbon, or right-click the Relationships window and select Show Table from the shortcut menu. The Show Table dialog box (shown in Figure 2.7) appears.

Figure 2.7 Double-click a table name to add it to the Relationships window.

Cascade Update - Delete - Quiz

Click the Quiz link below to answer a few questions about working with relationships.
Cascade Update - Delete - Quiz