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Lesson 4Using Access add-ins
ObjectiveIdentify seven add-in Utilities that increase the Functionality of Access.

Identify Seven add-in Utilities that increase the Functionality of Access

Access has a number of utilities that have been added to help make life easier. These utilities are referred to as add-ins because they are added into Access for our convenience. There are also custom add-ins that you can purchase to help with various tasks, but only those add-ins that are shipped with Access are discussed here.
The table below describes the add-ins available from the Tools menu. Note that some of these tools are pretty advanced:

Name of add-in Sub-menu of the Tools menu Description of add-in
Table Analyzer Wizard Analyze | Table This tool will take un-relational files and allow you to create relational tables out of them.
Performance Wizard Analyze | Performance Looks at all the objects in the database, such as tables, queries, forms, and reports, to determine whether and how you can improve their performance.
Documenter Wizard Analyze | Documenter Prints information about objects in the database down to the control level for forms and reports and to the field level for tablesand queries
Linked Table Manager Database Utilities | Linked Table Manager Manages linked tables outside the database with which you are working.
Database Splitter Database Utilities | Database Splitter Splits the database so that the shared data (tables) are separated from the application objects (queries, forms, and reports) .
Switchboard Manager Database Utilities | Switchboard Manager Creates a switchboard for the database that helps the user switch between forms and reports that you have built.
Upsizing Wizard Database Utilities | Upsizing Wizard This advanced wizard takes the data that is in the Access database, and moves ( upsizes) the tables into a SQL Server database.

In the next lesson we will encrypt and decrypt a database and identify the reasons to use encryption.

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