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Lesson 7Replicating Access databases
ObjectiveCreate a Copy of a Database by using Replication, then synchronize the Copies

Create a Copy of a Database by using Replication, then synchronize the Copies

Now comes the fun part: actually making a replicating a database. To do this you will copy and paste (or simply drag and drop) the database you want replicated into the Briefcase icon on the desktop. This could be from a server where the database is normally stored. After putting the database into the Briefcase folder, you will then be presented with a number of dialogs:
  1. The first tells you that by replicating the database, Access will modify the original database (now called the Master) by adding hidden fields and tables used for maintaining the replicated database. It also tells you the size of the original database will increase. Click Yes on this dialog.
  2. The next dialog lets you choose whether to make a copy of the original database before modifying it. I suggest you click Yes on this dialog to make a backup
  3. The last dialog informs you that while you will be able to change data in both the original and the copy, you will only be able to make design changes to either the original or the copy, but not to both. The dialog lets you choose which copy to make the Design Master, which is the database to which you will be able to make design changes. I recommend you choose the original. Since this is the default choice, click OK on this dialog.

After completing the last dialog, you can then see the replicated database in the Briefcase, as shown here:

My Briefcase dialog box

Once you have replicated a database, you can double-click the database in the Briefcase to access it. When you open the database, you will notice that Access displays the tables by using a circle with two arrows in it, as shown in this database:

ReplicationExample: Replica view

Synchronizing your database

Once you have changed the duplicate database, you can synchronize the copy with the original by choosing the Update All toolbar button

Update All button

Update Selection toolbar button

in the Briefcase folder. When you click the Update All toolbar button, you will be presented with the Update My Briefcase dialog displayed here. If you just want to make sure you synchronize one file, you can pick the file to synchronize, click the Update Selection toolbar button.
In the next lesson we will convert Access 2000 databases to Access 97 databases.

Replicating Access Databases - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to practice replicating a database.
Replicating Access Databases - Exercise