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Lesson 8 Converting Access 2012 databases to Access 2016 databases
Objective Convert an Access 2012 Database to an Access 2016 Database.

Converting Access 2012 Databases to Access 2016 Databases

Access 2000 allows you to convert databases to be compatible with Access 97. This feature has not been available in earlier versions of the software, and it, most significantly, allows you to share Access 2000 databases with somebody who only has Access 97. To convert a database to be Access 97 compatible, open the Database window:
  1. From the Tools menu, choose Database Utilities, then Convert Database.
  2. Now choose To Prior Access Database Version from the Convert Database submenu. The Convert Database Into dialog will open up. This is a standard Save File dialog.
  3. Specify the new name and the location in which you want to store it.

When you go to open the database under Access 97, Access will finish converting the new database from that end.
There are a number of issues to keep in mind when converting from Access 2000 to Access 97:

  1. The database being converted cannot be a member of replica set.
  2. If there are links to Data Access Pages, they will be lost.
  3. Any data that relies on Unicode support in Access 2000 might not be converted correctly. Access 97 only uses ANSI.
  4. If a table contains a field with the FieldSize property of Decimal, it will not be converted. You will need to change the FieldSize property to Single or Double.
The next lesson is the module wrap-up. You will get a brief review of the topics you’ve covered in this module. Also, you can take a quiz that will help you verify what you have learned and discover topics that you might want to review in a more detailed manner.