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Lesson 1

Working with the Web

The introduction of the World Wide Web has opened up our work environment by making it possible to present and access information on a global scale. Although Microsoft tries to make it as easy as possible, there is still quite a bit to learn in order to take greatest advantage of the Web by using Access. This module discusses the terminology used with the WWW and Access and how to get your data on the Web by utilizing some of the Web features in your own database.
In this module, you will learn how to:
  1. Create hyperlinks on forms in order to open other forms, applications, or access the Web
  2. Examine what Data Access Pages are and how they are used with Access reports and forms
  3. Learn how Data Access Pages can be used
  4. Use the Page Wizard to create a data entry style page
  5. Use the Page Wizard to create a grouped page
  6. you can see, Data Access Pages are the hot new ticket item in Access 2000.

In the next lesson, you will learn how to create hyperlinks on forms in order to open other forms, applications, or access the Web.

Creating a Custom Web App

When you start Access, the first option you see is to create a custom Web App. This new type of application is hosted within SharePoint. It could be installed on-premise with your own company's software, or you could choose to use Office 365. With a Web App, you get the familiarity of working in the Access environment although the Web App is hosted either in a Microsoft Office 365 Plan (which includes Office 2013 Professional) or in your organization's Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Server running Access Services, so you are creating an app that can be viewed in a browser without Access being installed on the machine. This section contains a number of key activities that you will perform in creating a custom Web App. You will need Access to design and modify your site, but other users can interact with the app using only their web browser. Because the Web App is a brand-new feature in Access, this section will guide you through creating a Web App.