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Lesson 11

Using Access tools Conclusion

This module discussed some of the more powerful Access tools that can enhance your database. These capabilities allow you more control over and access to your data.
In this module, you learned how to:
  1. Set and modify an Access database password
  2. Use the Startup dialog options to customize the layout of your database and the functionality available to users
  3. Identify seven add-in utilities that increase the functionality of Access
  4. Encrypt and decrypt a database and identify the reasons to use encryption
  5. Define Replication, identify its purpose, and list the ways it can be done
  6. Create a copy of a database by using Replication, then synchronize the copies

It will take some time and practice to grow comfortable with these features, and you might never use some of them. For example, I have never needed to encrypt any of my databases. However, some of the features, such as the options on the Startup dialog, I use with every database I create.
In the next module, see how to automate tasks and take advantage of macros.

Encryption Replication Converting Data - Quiz

Before moving on, complete this quiz to test your skills.
Encryption Replication Converting Data - Quiz