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Lesson 4 Types of Data Access Pages
Objective Learn how Data Access Pages can be used.

Types of Data Access Pages

DAPs come in many styles and to show you some of these, we are going to use screenshots from Northwind.mdb. You can use DAPs for the following tasks:
  1. Inputting data
  2. Reviewing data

Inputting data

This style of DAP is used for data entry. It shows a single record at a time, which is the only way data can be entered into a DAP:

View Products Data Access Page
Please note that the DAPs displayed in these figures have been modified to fit the graphic requirements. Some fields and toolbars may not be visible.

Reviewing data

This DAP allows you to specify a category which you would like to examine in greater detail:

Review Products Data Access Page

Analyzing information

This kind of DAP uses an ActiveX control called the Pivot List control. It allows you to display data in a Pivot List format, which you would see in Microsoft Excel:

Pivot List control

Making projections

You can combine the Pivot List control with another ActiveX control created to work with DAPs called the Chart control. The Chart control allows you to make projections about your data as shown in this figure:
In the next lesson, you will learn how to use the Page Wizard to create a data entry style page.

Chart control

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