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Message Boxes, Forms and Macros

Suggested results:
  1. In the Macro list of the Database window, you would have clicked the New button to get started.
  2. In the Macro Builder, you would have typed the word "OpenClients" in the top row of the Macro Name column then clicked in the next cell to the right to mimic pressing Tab.
  3. You would have then clicked the drop-down arrow in the macro's Action list box.
  4. You would have clicked the lower part of the scrollbar to get to the OpenForm action.
  5. You would have clicked the lower part of the scrollbar again to scroll the rest of the way.
  6. You would have then selected the OpenForm action.
  7. You would have seen the Action Arguments for the OpenForm macro action listed in the bottom half of the builder, placed the cursor in the Form Name argument, and typed "Clients". You would have then run the completed macro by clicking the Run toolbar button.
  8. Once you clicked the Run command, you would have clicked Yes to save the macro.
  9. Once in the Save As dialog, you would have typed the text "OpenClients", then clicked OK.
  10. You would have then seen the Clients form opened by the macro.