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Lesson 8

Directory Naming Conclusion

This module discussed the basic properties and functions of Oracle Names. While there are an almost infinite number of ways to configure Oracle Names, there are a few salient points that you need to remember:
  1. Oracle Names attempts to automate the maintenance of the tnsnames.ora files and database links by providing a central database to hold the connection information.
  2. Oracle Names is best suited to small, dynamic Oracle shops where databases are frequently changing.
  3. Many Oracle Names servers can be configured and they will share information about new databases.
  4. Oracle Names requires a names.ora file on each names server.
  5. Oracle Names requires additional parameters in each Net8 client’s sqlnet.ora file.
The next module looks at the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console and how it handles distributed communications within Oracle.

Desupport of Oracle Names Control Utility for Oracle Net Services

The Oracle Names Control Utility is desupported and has not been available starting with Oracle Database 10g. This includes all the related control utility commands. Oracle Database clients cannot use a Names Server to resolve connect strings. Migrate your applications to Oracle Internet Directory with LDAP directory naming.

Oracle Names - Quiz

Before moving on to the next module, click the Quiz link below to test your knowledge of Oracle Names.
Oracle Names - Quiz

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