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Lesson 7Starting and stopping the Names server
ObjectiveUse the basic Names control commands.

Starting Stopping Names Servers

The startup command for the Names server is very similar to the start command for an Oracle listener. At startup time, Net Services displays all of the relevant parameter settings. From your server prompt, simply enter namesctl start.
View the Code below to see the output of this command.

namesctl start

The output from the namesctl start command is very similar to the namesctl stat command: both display all of the current configuration parameters.

Stopping the Names server

Stopping the Names server is also a simple command. Simply enter namesctl stop.
Dilbert > namesctl Stop
Confirm [yes or no]: yes
Server shut down

The rules for starting and stopping the Names server are identical to the rules for starting and stopping the Oracle Listener. The Names server should be started after the Oracle databases are started. At shutdown time, the Names server should be stopped prior to stopping the Oracle databases. The next lesson concludes this module.