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Lesson 6Overview of the Names control utility
Objective Use the Names control utility in Oracle.

Oracle Names Control Utility

The Names control utility (namesctl) is a basic utility for controlling Oracle Names servers. This utility does not work on Net8 clients; it is only used on the Oracle database server that contains the Names database. There are several common namesctl commands, including:

  1. NAMESCTL RESTART: Restarts the Names server.
  2. NAMESCTL SET PASSWORD: Registers passwords for privileged Names server operations such as RELOAD and STOP.
  3. NAMESCTL SET SERVER: Changes the current Names server.
  4. NAMESCTL SHOW SERVER: Displays name and version of current Names server.
  5. NAMESCTL SHOW STATUS: Displays general status information about the Names server.
  6. NAMESCTL SHOW TRACE_FILE_ NAME: Shows the name of the file to which the Names server writes the trace information.
  7. NAMESCTL SHUTDOWN or STOP: Stops the Names server.
  8. NAMESCTL START or STARTUP: Starts the Names server.
  9. NAMESCTL STATUS: Displays the status of the current Names server.
  10. NAMESCTL STOP: Stops one or more Names servers.
The namesctl utility is very similar to the lsnrctl utility in syntax.

For an example, click the View Code link to learn how to see the available commands.
The following operations are available
An asterisk (*) denotes a modifier or extended command:
exit flush flush_name log_stats
ping query quit reload
repeat* reset_stats restart set*
show* shutdown start start_up
status stop        version

The next lesson looks at how to start and stop a Names server.