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Load balancing with MTS - Exercise

Specifying relevant parameters for the MTS servers

Objective: Define a suitable starting value for MTS.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points. You will receive full credit for creating a setting for MTS appropriate to the scenario described below.


You have been asked to define a set of parameters to create an MTS for the dilbert server that contains a single database called fred.
The end-user community says that there will be an average of 150 TCP/IP connections at any given time, and an average of 50 SPX connections from remote clients. If you like, you may define two listeners for dilbert: one for SPX and one for tcp/ip. Assume that you will not allow more than 50 connections per dispatcher.


Use the template below to create a suitable setting for an MTS.


There may be more than one correct answer for this exercise because of the dynamic nature of Oracle Net Connections using the MTS.
View Code the code below for the template.

# ----------------------
# Multi-threaded Server
# ----------------------
MTS_DISPATCHERS = "protocol,nn"
MTS_LISTENER_ADDRESS = "(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=protocol) (HOST=hostname) (PORT=1521))"

Submitting the execise

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