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Lesson 7

Install and Configure Database Conclusion

In this module, you have learned how to install and configure different stages of the database life cycle.
You experimented with the Universal Installer, which is used to install all Oracle software components in oracle. You upgraded an Oracle8 database to oracle. You looked at the Software Packager, which allows you to piggyback your own applications onto the Oracle architecture. Now that you have completed this module, you should be able to:
  1. Use the Universal Installer to view currently installed software
  2. Identify improvements to configuration
  3. Describe the functions of the Database Configuration Assistant
  4. Upgrade a database from Oracle8 to oracle using Universal Installer and the Database Migration Assistant
  5. Describe how to use the Software Packager to handle distributed software installation


You were introduced to the following terms in this module.
  1. Universal Installer: a software tool that is invoked to install or remove Oracle software and any software that is packaged for installation using Oracle's Software Packager tool.
  2. Multiple Oracle Homes: this allows you to install more than one version of Oracle software on the same machine. The paths andother operating system variables are set according to the currently selected Oracle home.
  3. Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA): the Oracle-recommended standard that defines the naming conventions and directory structure for the location of Oracle software executable files and database storage files.
In the next module, you will review the concept of table joins and see how Oracle implements outer joins and adds new functionality with special query formats.