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Lesson 2Understanding the Universal Installer
ObjectiveUse Universal Installer and view currently installed software

Understanding Universal Installer

The Universal Installer was introduced with Oracle8. For oracle, it was revamped , so it has several new features. It is now Java driven and its look and feel no longer change depending on the type of machine on which you use it. Another important feature of the Universal Installer is its ability to automatically detect dependencies within the Oracle software to be installed. If, for example, you tell it to install the SQLJ component, it automatically installs the Java toolset that is needed for SQLJ, even if you did not request it. The Universal Installer supports multiple Oracle homes and Optimal Flexible Architecture (OFA).
Most of Oracle's software now supports multiple homes and OFA as well, so that you can install a new version of the software without obscuring the earlier version (if you so choose). This is important because at installation certain software requires its own Oracle home. If you wish, you can review what has been installed. To do this, start up the Universal Installer. There you will find a detailed software tree that shows version numbers and dependencies quite clearly. In the simulation below, you will learn the process of viewing previously installed software. The simulation begins at the initial screen of the Universal Installer. You arrive at the initial screen by either selecting the Universal Installer from your program Start menu or choosing to install software from a CD-ROM provided by Oracle.

Understanding Universal Installer

The Universal Installer is described in greater detail below.

Navigating Oracle Universal Installer

Questions to answer regarding Universal Installer:

Please answer the following questions :
  1. If you were running the Universal Installer because you wished to install new software, why might you use the Installed Products part of the Universal Installer?
  2. The Universal Installer allows you to install a newer version of software while keeping the older version intact on the same machine.
    Describe a situation where this capability works to your advantage.

The next lesson describes changes to configuration of the database.