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Lesson 9

Oracle Enhancements Conclusion

This module looked at a variety of new features and enhancements that make life easier for the DBA. You saw how to load data, shuffle tables around, and modify table structures without dropping the tables.
Now that you have completed this module, you should be able to:
  1. List improvements to SQL*Loader
  2. Load LOB data with SQL*Loader
  3. Describe enhancements in table management
  4. Relocate a table
  5. Describe why and how to create a temporary table
  6. Find and remove an unused column from a table
  7. List new database limits

Workspace Enhancements

Workspace Manager is tightly integrated with the Oracle database. Oracle Database 10g Workspace Manager enhancements included the ability to export and import version-enabled tables, to use SQL*Loader to bulk-load data into version-enabled tables, to trigger events based on workspace operations, and to define workspaces that are continually refreshed.
Oracle Database 11g continues the stream of enhancements to workspaces, providing support for optimizer hints and more data maintenance operations on workspace-enabled tables.

Oracle Glossary Terms

You were introduced to the following term in this module.
  1. Temporary table: a table that is created like a regular table, but whose data is temporary and private (seen only by the user that inserts the data, even if multiple users are using the same temporary table at once)
In the next module, you will review the concept of table joins and see how Oracle implements outer joins and adds new functionality with special query formats.

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