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Lesson 7Delivering Web pages with SQLJ
ObjectiveUse SQLJ to deliver a Web Page.

Delivering Web pages with SQLJ

Oracle has added a new pre-compiler of sorts. It is called SQLJ and it generates JDBC calls within a Java application. You can use it to simplify the task of retrieving data from the Oracle database. For example, to retrieve a single row from the database, simply write the query as if you were writing it for a PL/SQL block.
The graphic below shows the process of creating and running a Java applet that begins with a Java/SQLJ command file.
Run the simulation below to see how to write a Java applet with SQLJ commands embedded within it. The simulation creates an applet that accepts query criteria from the user, queries the Product database table, and returns the price of the product.

Handheld devices and PC clients communicate with the database via single integrated product

Many of the benefits of iAS are derived from its simple three-tier computing model: client, application server, and database are on separate tiers. As the middle tier, iAS provides the optimal interface between clients and databases:
  1. Application logic is centralized and can be easily maintained.
  2. The architectural design of the middle tier is optimized for server functions, including access to a database.

Java Web - Exercise

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Java Web - Exercise
The next lesson gives you an overview of other Internet-related tools Oracle offers.