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Lesson 8

Oracle Internet Directory Conclusion

As you can see, Oracle has become fully immersed in Internet and Java capabilities, tools, and technologies. You would be wise to learn Java, HTML, XML, and anything else involving Web design along with your database studies, as this is a trend that will not end anytime soon. After completing this module you are able to:
  1. Describe multimedia as it applies to a database
  2. Describe how Java has been integrated into Oracle
  3. List uses of the interMedia tool
  4. Describe the Oracle Internet Directory and what it can do
  5. List other tools and features that make Oracle good for Internet applications


The following terms were defined in this module.
  1. Multimedia: Data that has a specialized format and requires specialized software to view or modify.
  2. Java Virtual Machine: a self-contained operating system that translates Java commands into hardware-specific commands.
  3. interMedia : A set of Oracle object types, methods, and PL/SQL packages designed to handle audio, video, imagery, and documents stored in the database.
  4. Internet Directory: a collection of applications, including a GUI management tool and a server, designed to retrieve and deliver database data as if it were files within directories.
  5. SQLJ: A tool that adds JDBC commands to Java code. The SQLJ tool reads SQL code embedded within SQLJ comments in your Java code and converts it to JDBC code in the resulting Java application code.
The next module continues the Internet theme by discussing how to work with Enterprise Manager on the Web.