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Lesson 1

Enhancements for starting up Oracle Databases

The first issue you will face when installing or upgrading to oracle is how to approach configuration and installation.
Oracle has provided some improvements in its design of these processes, so your job will be a little easier than it was before. For example, prior to oracle, the Universal Installer was used to install most, but not all of Oracle's software, and its screens looked different on different operating systems. Now the Universal Installer looks the same on all platforms and is used to install any of Oracle's software, from the database to the network software. This is just one example of many changes that have been made in oracle to make installation and configuration a little easier. The point of this module is to familiarize you with these numerous changes.

Module objectives

By the end of the module you will be able to:
  1. Use the Universal Installer to view currently installed software
  2. Identify improvements to configuration
  3. Describe the functions of the Database Configuration Assistant
  4. Upgrade a database from Oracle8 to oracle using Universal Installer and the Database Migration Assistant
  5. Describe how to use the Software Packager to handle distributed software installation
The next lesson looks at the Universal Installer which is Oracle's installation tool.