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Lesson 7 Use Database Resource Manager in Oracle
Objective Use Database Resource Manager to limit resource usage.

Use Database Resource Manager to limit resource usage

The previous lesson described how to design a resource management plan. This lesson shows you how to implement the plan.
Implementing a resource management plan means loading information into the database using several procedures stored in the DBMS_RESOURCE_MANAGER package. This package is installed with all Oracle Enterprise Edition databases.
Look at the SlideShow for syntax and examples of each step. The code shown here can be executed in SQL*Plus. The SlideShow uses the same example that was described in the previous lesson.

1) DBMS Resources 1 2) DBMS Resources 2 3) DBMS Resources 3 4) DBMS Resources 4 5) DBMS Resources 5 6) DBMS Resources 6 7) DBMS Resources 7 8) DBMS Resources 8 9) DBMS Resources 9

Using these commands is easy. The most important part of using the Database Resource Manager is to define a plan or set of plans appropriate for your system. Look in the Oracle Administrator's Guide for examples of a variety of system scenarios and plans.

DB Resource Manager - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to practice creating a plan directive, defining a consumer group, and assigning a user to the group.
The next lesson wraps up this module.
DB Resource Manager - Exercise