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Lesson 5 Use the Universal Installer to upgrade to the latest version of Oracle
Objective Upgrade a database from Oracle8 to Oracle11g .
  1. What is the best way to upgrade to the latest version of Oracle?
  2. For Oracle 13c, which tool or technology does Oracle use to upgrade the database?
When you install oracle, you will probably have an Oracle11g, 12c database that you wish to migrate along with the installation. This lesson shows you how to perform such an upgrade. There are many possible ways to do this, but for this demonstration we will choose most of the default selections. However, as we proceed, we will point out where you can make customized changes. This Slideshow illustrates the general flow of the installation process. More specifically, it will show you how to upgrade from Oracle8 to Oracle. The platform we are using is Windows NT; most platforms will look identical to this because the Universal Installer is Java based. It is possible to run this kind of
installation in a silent mode, where all responses are predefined.

Click the link below to see how Oracle8 can be upgraded to Oracle.

In the next lesson we will look at another tool that uses the Universal Installer for installations.
Click the link below to read more about Oracle upgrades.
Oracle Upgrade Steps