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Lesson 6 Software Packager
Objective Use software Packager to handle distributed software installation.

Oracle Software Packager

The Software Packager is a new tool available to the Oracle developer and DBA and is Java based and object oriented. The Software Packager is intended to simplify the task of distributing software to many sites. It can be used to distribute either Oracle software components or your own application software, or both.

Using the Software Packager: an example

Here is an example of how the Software Packager can be used to package and deploy an application system to a set of distributed sites. Let us say that the application consists of these three components:
  1. A script that must run on the local database to add a new table
  2. Five application program files that must be copied into a specified directory
  3. Seven graphic files that must be copied into a specified directory

Packaging Deployment Process
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As you can see, the wizards in the Software Packager take most of the guesswork out of the process. You can deploy a package using a CD-ROM, the Internet, or a network file system. The package is installed by starting up the Universal Installer and installing the package as a new product.
Click the link below to read about the Software Packager Manager.
Software Packager Manager

Packaging Distributing Software - Exercise

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Packaging Distributing Software - Exercise
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