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Packaging and Distributing Oracle Software - Exercise

Distributing a Software application

Objective: Develop a plan for packaging and distributing software.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a maximum of 10 points.


You will review a scenario and then write a brief step-by-step plan for packaging and distributing a software application system. Your plan will include a description of how the software system should be installed.

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Exercise Instructions

The following table outlines the components of a software system that you must package and distribute.
You will be distributing the system to 300 sites around the world via the Internet. Review the table and then write a plan that describes the following points:
  1. How many components are in the package and what do they consist of?
  2. In what order are the components to be installed?
  3. How is each component installed (run a script, copy a file, and so on)?
  4. When there is a new version of the system to release, what components should be included and why?
  5. What problems or issues might cause your installation plan to fail and why?

Application system feature Description Associated files Database objects
Secure log in screen Log in to the application, database validates ID and password Login.exe Logo.gif Security_data table Person table
Customized menu Application menu displays programs that the user is authorized to use Menu.exe Header.gif Footer.gif Button.gif Menu_line table Security_data table Person table
Review articles View lists of articles and zoom in on details. Search articles by keywords Review.pgm Search.pgm List.pgm Header.gif Footer.gif Button.gif Article table Article_graphic table
Maintain articles Add, remove, or modify articles Art_maintain.pgm Article table Article_graphic table
Administer users Add, remove, or modify user authority User_maintain.pgm Security_data table Person table

Exercise Hints

Use your own experiences as well as information found in this course and previous courses as your resource for this exercise.

Submitting your Exercise

Type (or cut and paste) your plan into the box below.
Click the Submit button when finished to submit the exercise.