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Relocate Oracle Table - Exercise

Course project: relocate a table

Objective: Write an SQL command to relocate a table.

Exercise scoring

This scored exercise is worth a maxuimum of 10 points.

Background and Overview

You will create a command to relocate a table and then answer some questions about table management.


The House-O-Pets has added a thousand customers since its email business went online three months ago. You have purchased a new hard drive and want to move the customer data to this new equipment. Answer these questions by typing the answers into the text box below or preparing your answers and copying them into the text box.
  1. Write the SQL command to move the customer data. The table name is: CUSTOMER_OBJ_TABLE. The new tablespace (located on the new hard drive) is called CUSTOMER_SPACE.
  2. Besides allowing more room for growth, what is a benefit of moving a table?
  3. What other technique could be used to increase the available space for the table?

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  1. The SQL command to move the customer data should look like this:

  2. Another benefit of moving a table is that unused gaps of space are eliminated.
  3. You can add a new data file to the existing tablespace to increase the available space.