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Components of interMedia in Oracle

Components of interMedia
Components of interMedia

Java client

The Java client component retrieves a copy of the file from the interMedia server and loads it on the client's desktop. If the user then modifies the file, the Java client will return the modified file to the interMedia server.

interMedia server

The interMedia server retrieves multimedia files from the database. The copies of the multimedia files are sent to the Java client or to other applications. The interMedia server also retrieves attributes such as length and last changed date, and it locks the multimedia record if the record is being updated by a user.

Object Table

You create an object table to store multimedia data. The object table uses one of the three multimedia object types: ORDAudio, ORDVideo, or ORDImage. One of the attributes is a Large Object (LOB) that contains the multimedia data.

Object Type

The object type ORDmultimedia contains three subtypes one for each kind of media. The object type and subtypes contain methods for loading, modifying, and retrieving the multimedia data and its related attributes.