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Lesson 2 Configuring the console to run on the Web
Objective Set up a Web-based Enterprise Manager console.

Configuring Console to Run on Web

Because Oracle Enterprise Manager (version 2.0.4 or higher) is totally Java based, you can run it from a Web browser. This means that you, the DBA, can monitor your database activity, run SQL scripts, or even start and stop the database from any location with a Web browser and an Internet connection.

You can enable Web-based access to your Enterprise Manager console in two ways:
  1. For a fat client: your remote computer installs the Enterprise Manager client and then uses the Internet connection and a Web browser to reach the Enterprise Manager server.
  2. For a thin client: your remote computer has only a Web browser, and the Enterprise Manager console is served from a Web server with access to the Enterprise Manager server. The Web server and the Enterprise Manager server can be on the same machine or on two different machines.

This lesson describes how to set up the latter selection: the thin client. With this configuration, no additional software needs to be installed on the client computer.
A few steps are required to set up the Enterprise Manager console for Web access.
View the Slide Show to see how each step works.
1) Web Enable 1 2) Web Enable 2 3) Web Enable 3 4) Web Enable 4 5) Web Enable 5 6) Web Enable 6

A great advantage of running the Enterprise Manager console from the Web is that you have the capability of working with the console from a variety of locations. Many companies use an internal Web server (intranet). This technique would work equally well on either the Internet or the intranet.
The next lesson describes how to prepare for running batch jobs from within the Enterprise Manager console.