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Lesson 6

Web-based Enterprise Manager Console

You have tried out several of the features of the Enterprise Manager console. You have learned how to monitor critical events for your database. Now that you have completed this module, you should be able to:
  1. Set up a Web-based Enterprise Manager console
  2. Create a user for running batch jobs for the Enterprise Manager
  3. Configure Management Server to use a specified user for its batch jobs and email
  4. Create an event to monitor the database


  1. Batch Job: A process executed without any user interaction on a predefined schedule
  2. Event: A threshold activity that can be detected by the Intelligent Agent and monitored by the Enterprise Manager
  3. Fat Client: The client computer holds a portion of the application system you install
  4. Thin Client: The client computer does to need to store any part of the application system
  5. Registered Event: A predefined event scheduled and monitored by the Enterprise Manager
In the next module, you will learn about some important changes in security enforcement that allow your database and your Internet Web site to share their security setup.