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New entries in tnsnames.ora File - Exercise

Add Network capabilities to the tnsnames.ora file

Course project: Modify tnsnames.ora
Objective: Add new entries to the tnsnames.ora file.

Exercise Scoring

This exercise is worth 10 points.

Background | Overview

In this exercise, you will add new entries to the tnsnames.ora file to help the House-O-Pets database handle thousands of concurrent user connections.

Fact File

Review the fact file to find out more information about the House-O-Pets and its Oracle Database. Click the Fact File Table Data link to see the contents of the tables in the House-O-Pets database.
Fact File Table Data

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The House-O-Pets database in Atlanta, which you added as a node in a previous lesson, is an MTS. To help this database handle thousands of concurrent user connections, you must create multiple listeners for the database.


Given the original tnsnames.ora file below, add the appropriate entries for the tnsnames.ora file. You need to consider these factors:
  1. Failover is on.
  2. Load balancing is on.
  3. The first listener address is already shown. The second listener is on the same host and the same protocol, but is on port 1526.
        (PORT = 1521))

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