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Lesson 3 Areas of Oracle knowledge on the test
Objective Describe different certifications and their requisite knowledge.

Areas of Oracle Knowledge on the Test

It is important to realize that the OCP program is constantly evolving, and the test questions are constantly being refined to reflect changes in technology and the goals of the marketplace.
The most popular OCP certification is the DBA program, but the application-developer program has also become very popular. In addition, the new Oracle Designer certification promises to be quite popular among systems analysts.

The OCP DBA certification program consists of several tests, described on the Oracle website.
Learn about Oracle.
The duration of each of the OCP tests is 105 minutes. This includes 15 minutes for an optional tutorial and to answer survey questions at the end of the exam. Most candidates report that this is enough time to answer all the questions. In the next lesson, we will take a look at the kinds of questions you can expect to encounter on the exam.