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Lesson 6 Distributed databases
ObjectiveWhat are the features of a distributed database?

Distributed Database Features

There is an ongoing debate regarding a standard definition for distributed Oracle databases. To Oracle, a distributed database is a geographically distributed system composed entirely of Oracle products. To the GUI/tools vendors, a distributed database is a system that is distributed architecturally, having systems with different architectures and access methods. To the hardware vendors, a distributed database is a system composed of different databases, all running on the same hardware platforms. In fact, each of these descriptions fits the overall distributed model, but there are some distinguishing characteristics that differentiate a real distributed database from a loosely coupled system. The standard definition of distributed database has been developed by C. J. Date; he lists 12 specifications for an ideal distributed database:

Homogenous Distributed Database Systems

A homogenous distributed database system is a network of two or more Oracle databases that reside on one or more machines. Figure 3-6 illustrates a distributed system that connects three databases: hq, mfg, and sales. An application can simultaneously access or modify the data in several databases in a single distributed environment. For example, a single query from a Manufacturing client on local database mfg can retrieve joined data from the products table on the local database and the dept table on the remote hq database. For a client application, the location and platform of the databases are transparent. You can also create synonyms for remote objects in the distributed system so that users can access them with the same syntax as local objects. For example, if you are connected to database mfg but want to access data on database hq, creating a synonym on mfg for the remote dept table enables you to issue this query:

In this way, a distributed system gives the appearance of native data access. Users on mfg do not have to know that the data they access resides on remote databases.
Figure 3-6 Homogenous Distributed Database Systems

An Oracle distributed database system can incorporate Oracle databases of different versions. All supported releases of Oracle can participate in a distributed database system. Nevertheless, the applications that work with the distributed database must understand the functionality that is available at each node in the system. A distributed database application cannot expect an Oracle7 database to understand the SQL extensions that are only available with Oracle9i.

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