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Lesson 7Testing your Oracle Net Services Connectivity
ObjectiveDescribe the Oracle Tools used to test Connectivity

Testing your Oracle Net Services Connectivity

Oracle's SQL*Net Easy tool facilitates adding and automatically testing a new database entry. Nevertheless, what do you do if the tnsnames.ora entry was made manually?
When you add a new TNS entry to your tnsnames.ora file, it is always a good idea to test the connectivity. Actually, you need to perform two tests:
  1. Test connectivity to the server.
  2. Test connectivity to the Oracle listener.
Click the Start Simulation button below to practice performing these two tests.
Testing Database Connection
Oracle Corporation introduced interdatabase connectivity with SQL*Net in Oracle Version 5 and simplified its usage considerably with the database links feature in Oracle Version 6, opening up a world of distributed possibilities. Oracle now supplies a variety of techniques that you can use to establish interdatabase connectivity and data sharing. Each technique has its advantages and disadvantages, but in many cases the best solution is not immediately obvious. The next lesson concludes this module.